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I had no idea at all about PHP or programming until I started reading your website!

Rocks PHP Library Tutorials

If you are using The Rocks Library and want to know more about how to use it from the experts then read the tutorials below!

Getting started with the Rocks PHP Library

This article tell's you where to begin with the Rocks Library. From setting it up on your system to configuring it to access your database.

Integrating business logic into RocksDBO

One of the main criticisms that has been raised against RocksDBO is that it can lead to a great deal of duplicated code around your application. Well this article will show developers how to eliminate code duplication and how to integrate business logic into RocksDBO classes.

Using RocksEmail to simplify sending email in PHP

Sending email in PHP when using the more complex features that PHP offers can be quite complex. Read this article to see how RocksEmail simplifies sending email in PHP.

Using the RocksDBO to avoid writing anymore SQL

This article explains how to use the RocksDBO class to avoid having to write SQL in your PHP applications. RocksDBO achieves this by being an easy to use dynamic object-mapping solution.