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I thought I knew all about PHP until I found this website!

PHP Resources

Below we provide a selection of resources from useful tools and PHP libraries. To analyses of your PHP skills! You will need to take The Developer Exam in order for us to analyse your skills though.

Become a Validated PHP Developer

If you become a Validated PHP Developer you can use the Validated PHP Developer button to prove on your website that you took and passed the PHP Developer Exam and that you agree to work to a code of ethics.

Frequently asked questions

Have you got a question about a website, you should be able to find the answer in our faq's.

Get your PHP questions answered!

If you have any PHP questions that you want answered by an expert, or you want to help solve anyone elses problems then this is the place to do it!

PHP Rocks catch up

The latest news from PHP Rocks, announcing a winner from the article submission competition and showing our latest work off in Dead Earth.

PHP Skills Analysis Tool

The PHP Skills Analysis tool looks at your answers from The PHP Developer exam and identifies where your skills need improving, it tells you how to go about improving them and compares you to how other people did in each PHP skill area.

Rocks PHP Library

The Rocks PHP Library simplifies PHP development by removing common PHP tasks and hiding the more complex aspects of PHP. Download it now!

Submit your own article to PHP Rocks!

PHP is a big field and as such we invite people outside of the PHP Rocks team to submit thier own articles. If a submitted article appears on a website we will give the author one years FREE subscription!

Take the PHP Developer exam

Find out how good your are at PHP. With the PHP developer exam! Take it now for FREE!

Twitter Updates

Keep up with our latest discoveries, ideas and news on Twitter!

Your PHP Developer Exam Transcript

See just how well you really did in your last PHP Developer Exam. This shows what you got wrong and what the correct answers were.