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I think this organisation will be one of the big players of the future in the PHP world.

PHP Tutorials on Patterns

Patterns are recogised ways of solving common coding problems. Below are a selection of the best patterns out there.

Factory Pattern

The factory pattern is one of the most widely used patterns. This article instructs you how to use this pattern.

Problems with MVC on the Web

There is a lot of talk about MVC but just how useful is it as a web development pattern?

Singleton Pattern

The singleton pattern is a pattern that ensures there is only ever one instance of a class. This article instructs you on how to implement the singleton pattern in PHP.

State Pattern

The state pattern allows changable parts of a class to be seperated out, which eliminates the need for large amounts of if statements within a class. Increasing how object orientated a class is.


This article discusses how to implement templating successfully.