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I thought I knew all about PHP until I found this website!


Read the latest news from the PHP Rocks website!

Newsletter Issue 5

In this news letter we talk about the problems of semi-colons and while loops and show you the latest happenings on the PHP Rocks website!

Our PHP Jobs Service is Live!

You can now add and search for PHP jobs with our great new job service.

PHP Rocks in the Bussiness Ideas Challenge!

PHP Rocks has officially made it through stage one of the Bussiness Ideas Challenge run by the University of Plymouth and is carrying on into stage 2.

PHP Skills Analysis Tool and Exam Transcript is now released

You can now use the PHP Skills Analysis tool to identify your strengths and weakness in PHP. The exam transcript page will also help you improve your answers on The PHP Developer Exam.

Subscription prices slashed!

Good news our subscription prices have been slashed so now you can get more for less!

The Rocks PHP Library is now released!

The Rocks PHP Library is now released which simplifies user code, and common PHP tasks. Also if you want to submit a article you now can through our article submission service.

Version 0.02 of the Rocks PHP Library has now been released!

The latest version of the Rocks PHP Library has now been released including many more improvements as well as some essential bug fixes.

Version 0.2.1 of the Rocks PHP Library is out!

Read all about the latest fixes to the Rocks PHP Library and the latest improvements to our site.

We are now Open ID enabled!

We are now Open ID enabled and can accept Open ID from other providers as well as provide you with a Open ID through us!

Welcome to the first ever PHP Rocks newsletter!

PHP Rocks regularly releases a newsletter of the latest happenings on our website. Read more including the release of the PHP Correspondence Courses and the PHP directory.