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I think this organisation will be one of the big players of the future in the PHP world.

Intermediate PHP Tutorials

Our intermediate PHP tutorials have been produced for people who have some knowledge of PHP but need to develop that knowledge further. If this is too advanced for you then you should look at the basic tutorials or if this isn't advanced enough for you please look at our advanced tutorials.

Creating ranges

This article describes how to create ranges quickly and easily with little effort.

Formatting text

This article shows the best way to format text. This is most useful when an item of text can change depending on what variables are used.

Including and requiring files in other files

PHP often includes files in other files. Therefore this important article shows you how!

Take Screenshots with PHP!

How to easily take Screenshots with PHP using GrabzIt.

URL Querystrings

In web applications data can be sent through query strings in the web URL. This article explains how to create and read the query string data.