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I thought I knew all about PHP until I found this website!


So you have figured out what your web application is supposed to do but you need somewhere to test it. Below are two web hosts I have used for years which between them will provide all the hosting options you will ever need and PHP of course!


My Experience

An impressive hosting provider, I am currently using this company to host web services for other websites, which involves many web calls per minute, however M2Hosts shared hosting handles this works perfectly. I have never had an issue with them and decided they were worth staying with so I invested in a three year hosting package with them.

Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is what all most applications require, in fact you should only look at virtual and dedicated servers if your application is particularly server intensive, or if you have a massive number of visitors a month, i.e. in the tens of thousands.

M2Hosts' shared hosting package has unlimited web space, bandwidth and MySQL databases. M2Host packages also of course include PHP.

Impressively all this costs only $1/month!

Virtual and Dedicated Server Hosting

M2Host also supply virtual server hosting which includes Linux or Windows operating systems and the basic specifications are 10 GB hard drive space, 100 GB Bandwidth and 512 MB RAM.

This costs $49/month and is definitely not as good a package as GoDaddys' virtual hosting packages. However M2Host also provides dedicated hosting for $99/month which will give you an even more power and options!

Visit M2Host


My Experience

I have heard good and bad reviews about this hosting company however I was impressed when I used them. I was running a cron job every few minutes and on top of that the website itself was making many AJAX calls every minute however GoDaddy handled it without a problem!

Shared Hosting

All their shared hosting packages include unlimited bandwidth, MySQL databases and PHP 5. You can also get Python, .NET 4 and SQL Server if needed.

However at $3.99/month this is not as good value as M2Hosts shared hosting packages.

Virtual Server Hosting

For those of you who require more power GoDaddy offers virtual server hosting, the least powerful of which includes: Linux OS, 1GB RAM, 15BG Hard Drive space and 500 GB of Bandwidth. This hosting solution will allow you to run much more demanding applications and host bigger more popular websites.

This powerful deal costs from $23.99/month.

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