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I thought I knew all about PHP until I found this website!

Basic PHP Tutorials

Here is a selection of PHP tutorials that are ideally suited for someone who is just starting to develop code in PHP. If you would like to see some articles that cover more complicated topics please look at the intermediate and advanced tutorials.

Basic control statements

This article describes the most basic control statement. The IF statement, and how you can use it.

Forms - or doing something a little more useful with PHP

This introduces you to forms and gives an easy introduction in how to make forms and process the data from forms in PHP.

How to install PHP and MySQL the easy way!

How to install PHP is a common question that we get asked. This article expains how to use XAMPP to get PHP installed quickly and easily.

PHP Tags

This article gives us a quick introduction into PHP tags, which is the first thing you need to learn about when doing PHP.

Quote magic

This article describes what you can do with the different types of quotes in PHP.

User defined functions

Functions are important in PHP as they allow developers to split out repeating groups of statements and help modularise thier code. However you can also do so much more with functions in PHP including defining classese and functions and more.


This article introduces variables and shows some ways you can manipulate them.

Why is PHP a good first language?

Find out why PHP is a excellent first language compared to other languages such as C#. However we also explain the pitfalls you should avoid.