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I had no idea at all about PHP or programming until I started reading your website!

Advanced PHP Tutorials

These tutorials are our advanced tutorials and contain some of the most complicated subjects in PHP. If this is too complicated for you please look at the basic or intermediate tutorials first.

Connecting to a .NET web service through PHP

Find out how to connect to .NET web services through PHP while overcomming the common pit falls.


This article describes how to handle files. Including reading both and writing data.


How do you find out when something goes wrong in your PHP script? Logging is the answer!

Making PHP faster

PHP is quite an efficient programing language, however it can be made even faster by following these techniques and configuration instructions.

PHP Configuration files

Any application usually has variables that change frequently. Instead of changing these values in the code they can be seperated out into a configuration file and only changed there. Which makes better code in the long term. This article shows you how to do this in PHP.


Sessions are very important in PHP as they allow you to store data between page refreshes.

Types in PHP

Types in PHP are not defined. This can speed up development but it can also create problems with unexpected behaviour occuring and more!